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Barber Foods

Barber Foods®

A known innovator and category leader, Barber Foods is the #1 brand of stuffed chicken breast in the country.

Better Bakery

Better Bakery™

We began with a question: "Can truly beautiful, handcrafted food be made in small batches for lots of people to enjoy?"



Open wide! These sandwiches are a mouthful and feature bold package designs.

Fast Fixin'

Fast Fixin'®

The best-tasting chicken patties and nuggets at amazingly affordable prices.

Hot 'n' Ready

Hot 'n' Ready®

Sandwiches with homestyle taste, packaged for grab-and-go occasions.

PB Jamwich

PB Jamwich®

Give kids all the flavor of their favorite sandwich ... without the crust!



With the best microwaveable bread in the business, we set the standard for microwaveable sandwiches.

Smart Picks

Smart Picks™

Made for schools, these offer tons of taste without the stuff parents avoid.

Steak EZE


Every meal is better when you step up to steak in your favorite dishes! Steak-EZE is the #1 Philly cheesesteak provider in the country.

The Pub

The Pub®

The best-tasting and most diverse line of fully cooked all-beef burgers available in foodservice today.


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